Call-to-action buttons, social sharing, more layout options and more email design features

3 minute read

Designing effective emails is a vital part of the email marketing process, so we’re continually evolving our responsive email designer to make it even easier to create high performance campaigns.

Our latest updates (released today, 17th November 2015) add some great new features to speed up your workflow. Here’s a quick rundown.


More layout components

Layout components

We’ve added new 4, 5 and 6 column layout components. You can mix-and-match components in a campaign to create thousands of different layout combinations.

These components are fully responsive so columns will wrap neatly on devices with smaller screens. We’ve also refined the options menus shown on components, so they work nicely even with small areas.


Let readers share your emails on social media

social sharing in email

With our new social sharing widget you can add social sharing links so that users can easily share your email content, or a URL you specify, on their social profiles. Links can be added to any content area in your email.

We support sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and, of-course, by email, and there are several different icon sets and layouts you can choose from.

Find out more about social sharing links in our guide.


Create great call-to-action buttons

call to action buttons

We’ve made it easy to add effective call-to-action buttons to your emails with our new button widget.

Choose your link, then style your button as you like – you can set the alignment, colours, fonts, sizes and corner radius, and you can save your styles in a theme to easily reuse later. The buttons are fully responsive, and will even degrade gracefully on less capable email clients like Outlook.

Find out more about call to action buttons in our guide.


Image handling improvements & more

We’ve also made a few improvements to image handling – you can now choose where to align an image within a content area, and when cropping you can set an exact width and height, as well as dragging to select the crop area. We also now prevent you uploading images in formats like PSD that aren’t web-safe.

In a couple of other small improvements, we’ve made it easier to identify which area you’re editing, by highlighting it when you hover over the pop-out menu to the right. We’ve also added support for strikethrough to our text editor.

Because we never like to make things easy for our engineers, we also got them to throw in some improvements to the data management tools in Collect. There are now shortcuts for adding individual subscribers, and the export link directs you straight to our main export interface rather than the express export tool.