Audiences just got better

2 minute read

If you’ve already heard about Audiences and Dimensions – read on. And if you haven’t already heard of Audiences and Dimensions – read on too!

In a nutshell. Audiences is a neat way of defining segmented subscriber groups according to specific profile characteristics. Dimensions are the various ways in which profiling information can be gathered. From Dimensions you can create Audiences, and with Audiences you can create highly targeted and relevant campaigns

That’s how you’ll stand out from the crowd.


Until now, there were 5 profiling Dimensions – lists, frequency, profile, geo-location and engagement – if you are new to this there’s lots more information here. These can either be used individually (useful) or combined or excluded (extremely useful). The applications are endless but think along the lines of a targeted campaign to all female vegetarians, located within 50 miles of your nearest restaurant, who love your brand but who haven’t been contacted in the past 3 weeks – or something similar!

So why is it better?

Now there are 2 extra Dimensions to use – subscription date (when the subscriber joined your list) and email domain (for example all email addresses in the domains or and so on.) The 2 new Dimensions work in the same way and again these can be used individually or combined with the other Dimensions to add further refinement to your targeting.

You’ll find all of the profiling Dimensions in the ‘Collect’ section of the platform and the Audiences information when you come to select your campaign recipients in ‘Send’. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other Dimensions you’d like us to implement – let us know.