Advance Notice Of System Maintenance

1 minute read

Hello everyone,

As mentioned in our last newsletter, and previously on this blog, we are moving our services later this month. We’re moving them to a greater number of faster servers, in a brand new data centre. Once this is complete it’ll allow us to provide you all with an even faster service!

Of course, making the actual switch quickly and smoothly is a procedure that’s giving our engineers something to think about at present. We have decided on the weekend of the 19th and 20th April to make the move, and during these two days we are going to state that our service may be unavailable from time to time. In reality we hope that there’s only an interruption of a few hours either side of Saturday lunchtime while we copy all the data across, but it’s always best to plan for the worst.

Feel free to schedule campaigns as normal for that weekend, but do bear in mind that there’s a chance they’ll get despatched an hour or so late if we’re right in the thick of it at that time! Until then, enjoy the sunshine, (or the snow!), and we’ll report further on our progress nearer the time.