Using Goal Tracking in your email marketing

5 minute read

What is Goal Tracking?

Goal Tracking is a powerful tool that provides much greater insight into your email marketing campaigns than the standard open and click-through rates.  By recording the true effectiveness of your campaigns in terms of completed goals you can gain insight that before was not possible.

A ‘Goal’ is simply a recordable action, for example the downloading of a White Paper, submission of a request for more information, a booking or a purchase from an ecommerce store or website.  Goal Tracking is the monitoring how many of these goals were met and, where applicable, the value of the completed goals.  Importantly, you can also identify easily which of your subscribers met your goals, which opens up all kinds of possibilities.

At a glance and in real-time you can view reports showing, for example, how much revenue your campaign generated, who made purchases and what they actually bought.  Calculating return on investment (ROI) is easy as you can see clearly how much revenue your campaign generated, or how many of your other goals were completed as a result of the campaign.

Using this insight properly you’ll be boosting sales and steaming ahead of your competitors!

How does it work?

Using’s Goal Tracking API it is possible to record within information relating to the completion of your campaign goals.  Simply insert the relevant code onto the webpage on which your goal will be completed – for example, the purchase confirmation page or booking form – and create your campaign as normal.  As people click-through and complete your goals will record this information and you’ll be able to see this in your account.

How does report goal completion? highlights the details of goal completion in the Analyse section, within each individual campaign report.  Along with other key statistics including open, click and unsubscribe rates, you can see at a glance the goal completion for each campaign, in real time.


By clicking on the ‘Goals’ icon you can see a summary of those goals, broken down into non-ecommerce and ecommerce goals, with the option to view a full goal report for that campaign.

The detailed report presents clearly the details of the goals that have been completed, providing further information for each goal. This particular report refers to ecommerce goals, highlighting:

  • each subscriber that made a purchase
  • the reference for that purchase
  • when they completed the purchase
  • the total value of the purchase

What can I do with the findings?

Now you can identify who completed your goals there are many ways in which to apply this knowledge and make your email marketing campaigns even more effective.

Taking the example above of the ecommerce goals this knowledge makes it easy to calculate the ROI from the email campaign.  You can compare this with previous campaigns to identify what it was that made the campaign so successful (or not), and use this insight to improve future campaigns to boost ROI even further.

With Goal Tracking,’s “Create lists of subscriber who performed certain actions” tools really come to life.  Being able to create new lists of subscribers on the fly from their activity makes it easy to enhance your email marketing.

Using this tool you could make your email marketing more intelligent, for example:

  • Drive sales by targeting those that completed your goals to up/cross-sell them complimentary products
  • Keep a list of regular purchasers to enhance future campaign testing
  • Build a list of those that clicked but didn’t convert and pass it to your sales team so they can work their magic and turn failure into success
  • Encourage those that didn’t complete your goals to do so using a different campaign with a stronger Call to Action or extra incentive makes all this and more easy; helping you achieve returns you previously only dreamed of!

How do I get it?

To activate Goal Tracking on your account and start seeing the enormous benefits it can bring, simply contact your Account Manager or call 0845 644 4184 to speak to one of the team.