A new WordPress plugin

1 minute read

We’ve just updated our WordPress plugin making it even more simple to add a subscription form to your WordPress powered site and capture the data directly into your Sign-Up.to account.


If you’re familiar with Sign-Up.to data collection forms you’ll already know how it works. Install the WordPress plugin (if you’re a WordPress administrator you’ll know where to find the ‘add new plugin’ button), add your Sign-Up.to account credentials, connect to your list, complete your accompanying text and save. Now just wait for people to complete their details and submit.

We’ve started with a basic collection of first name, surname and email address, but additional profile and user defined fields are anticipated for the future. You can include HTML to customise your form to match your existing branding and you can add text so your subscribers know what they’re signing up for. Easy!

It went live last week so Sign-Up.to users can access documentation and the new plugin from inside their account, just head to the Integrations section, under the admin menu.

Not much more to say other than behind the scenes it uses our new Permission Marketing API technology. So that’s great too.

To see it in action – return to our main blog index page and check out the newsletter subscription form on the right-hand sidebar.