A new look Analyse has arrived!

1 minute read

As you may well know, here at Sign-Up.to we are constantly working to improve our application. Today sees another stage of this come to fruition as we roll out an update to the Analyse section in all accounts!

Now when you log in to your account and visit your Analyse section, you’ll see something that looks like this.

There are no major functional changes in the update; but we’ve improved the email analysis graphs and general layout so the section is a little clearer and easier to use. The update also moves the graphs into their own sub-menu section, ‘Email Analysis‘. Don’t fret though, it’s not all change; Things like cancelling a scheduled campaign and viewing your campaign results are just the same as before.

You may wonder why we’ve gone to all this effort for some seemingly minor changes, however this update paves the way for some very exciting progress with the application that we will be unveiling very soon! Any questions or comments about our new Analyse section? Leave us a comment in the box below or email our Support team for assistance.