A focus on interaction

4 minute read

Over the next year we’ll be making updates and improvements to our secure application at a greatly accelerated rate! In this series of blog posts I’ll be examining the creative and technical process involved in updating, polishing and releasing each section.

As the lead interaction engineer, it’s my job to ensure that all the clever features and useful stats hidden in Sign-Up.to’s vast databases are displayed to our users as quickly, clearly and as easily as possible.  As we refresh each and every aspect of the application the first and most notable thing we will be aiming to do is to decrease the amount of time spent waiting for pages to load. Where possible, data will be fetched, sorted, manipulated and submitted with AJAX requests. This means fewer page loads for our users and better feedback as to what the system is doing.

Email campaign statisticsLooking at the campaign list in the Create section, the next area to be updated, the most obvious use of this technology will be when clicking on a campaign. Doing so will immediately display information about the campaign, sourced from our servers.

A sent campaign for instance will tell you when and to whom it was sent, it will display a thumbnail of the campaign and a link through to the campaign in the Analyse section where you can find even more stats! An unsent campaign will tell you when it was last edited, whether it will be tweeted and, if it’s been scheduled, when it will be sent.

All of this information will be instantly at your fingertips alongside all the usual commands (edit, delete, copy) that were always present.

Furthermore all of the campaigns in your account will be instantly searchable, sortable and filterable to make finding the campaign you are looking for easy to find, even if you have hundreds and hundreds! Maybe you want to see only SMS campaigns that haven’t been sent yet and order them by when they were last modified? You got it!

In our efforts to speed up your work flow another area we examined was the editor selection screen. This is the page that first pops up when creating a new campaign enabling you to choose which editor you would prefer to use. We identified that most of our users will rarely change the editor they use so, in the end, this step is just in the way. The new Create homepage will use a drop down menu to display our three editors and remember your selection so in future, creating a new campaign is only one click away!

In addition to our work on the campaign list we will also be releasing an all new SMS campaign editor. Re-built from the ground up, this new editor makes creating your SMS campaigns easier than ever. Improved personalisation, increased support for special characters, a faster, easier work flow, and a much improved look add up to a powerful and robust editor that we hope will make it easier than ever to create effective SMS campaigns.

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and enhancements that we can add to make using Sign-Up.to as fast, simple and powerful as possible. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the interface and tools of Sign-Up.to, please don’t hesitate to contact us at solutions@sign-up.to or leave your comments in the box below.