A Couple of Bonus Features

1 minute read

Hello, Happy New Year – I hope you didn’t eat as many mince pies as me…

Our Technical squad are predominantly tied up with the new Create section which seems to be well received, but there have been a couple of little tweaks added this year that I’d like to note. Firstly, when viewing the statistics for an email campaign in the ‘Track’ section, when targeting subscribers by action, it’s now possible to remove those who have clicked on links within the email from your selection. So if for instance your campaign contained a link to a seasonal offer, you can now quickly form a list of all recipients who viewed the email but didn’t click on any of your links. The options list now looks like this:



Secondly, the ‘Send To A Friend’ feature has been enhanced to allow subscribers to not only forward your campaign to a friend, but up to five friends, along with their own personal comments and subject line. Here’s a screen-grab of this new functionality:


Hopefully these are useful additions – you can be sure we’re just getting going for the year! Both of these enhancements are as a direct result of client feedback from past blog entries and support enquiries, so should you have any questions about these or any other aspects of our marketing systems, please drop our support team an email – their ears are always open!