A brand new way to build data capture forms has now arrived!

3 minute read

It’s that time again folks, we’re ramping up for our 6th major release of 2012 and I know it’s one you’ve all been eagerly awaiting. It’s our brand new form builder and we hope it’s going to revolutionise the way you create and manage your data capture forms.

From November 20th you’ll be able to build the slickest, most appealing forms possible in mere minutes with the new tools. We’ve no doubt that new subscribers will be flocking to your doors in no time!

So why do you need data capture forms in your life?

Forms are an essential bit of kit in every email marketer’s arsenal. They are the easiest and most foolproof way for new subscribers to sign up to hear from you. You can put forms on your website or on your Facebook page, spread the link around online or even have your form on an iPad or similar to collect subscribers on the go. As a modern marketing professional, you really cannot do without data capture forms to grow your mailing lists.

What’s the new form builder all about then?

Our development teams have really done themselves proud here. It’s now easier than ever to create a form tailored exactly to your needs in terms of what data you’re collecting, and also making the tone and styling of your form fit seamlessly with your brand.

The layout tools allow you to add, remove and re-arrange any of the fields on your form (including custom fields!). You’re also able to customise the properties for each field, to ensure that your form really says what you want it to. You can add additional text and images to start incorporating your brand identity, and you can customise each step of the confirmed opt-in process.

In addition to layout, we’ve introduced some great new styling options for your forms. There are a selection of pre-set themes to get you going, but you can customise your text and the colour of each form element to really tailor what you’re presenting to potential subscribers.

The new form manager section can be found in all accounts under the Collect menu in the main navigation. From here you can kick off and create all the forms your heart could possibly desire using the new form builder!

The update will start to appear in all Sign-Up.to accounts from 7pm GMT on Tuesday 20th November. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for the most up to date news on our release progress. We can’t wait to see what you do with the new tools!