7 new ways to supercharge your social marketing

6 minute read
Last week we were very proud indeed to announce the launch of our brand new Sign-Up.to Share section. The new Business Class Social Marketing tools represent a pretty gigantic step forward for our application and now we’d love nothing more than to help you supercharge your social marketing too. Here are the features that we’ve developed to turbo boost your approach:
  1. Manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages
    OK so you can integrate multiple accounts into programs like Tweetdeck too, but we allow you to move between them really easily and have all of your Facebook and Twitter accounts comprehensively housed within Sign-Up.to. No mucking about with setting up tonnes of columns here.
  2. Post to your accounts, exactly when you want to
    Not only does our new Share section allow you to simultaneously post to as many accounts as you want across Facebook and Twitter, you can schedule these updates to be posted in a calm and controlled manner. So set up your social marketing for the day/week/month (or even year if you’re really on top of things) and leave yourself free to do more important things, like read emails and drink coffee.
  3. Add notes to a user
    Say someone tweets at you and tells you that they bought the super-duper version of whatever you offer and they love it, they really want to know about your next big thing as soon as it’s coming. ‘Great’ says you, add a note to this user and then you’ll know to contact them personally next time around. It’s a private function, so you can safely leave notes if someone is being difficult and they need never know.
  4. Add Vibe sentiment to posts
    Rate comments and posts from your users as positive and negative and you’ll be able to see these ratings on a user’s Sign-Up.to profile. This allows you to keep an eye on how a particular user feels about your social presence. Again this is private, so any negatrons that post at you won’t be told that you are monitoring their misery. It also opens up a whole world of analytics for your posts and pages which I will move on to swiftly…
  5. Analyse your post performance in Social Outbox
    Analytical excitement part one comes in the form of Social Outbox. Here you can view a complete list of your updates that have been posted to all of your accounts through Sign-Up.to. You can filter this by account or by timeframe to make things more manageable and you can see all sorts of lovely statistics here on the performance of each of your posts. This includes details such as reach (your followers, plus those of anyone who RT’d), number of comments or likes, link clicks and of course that all important Vibe sentiment. Your scheduled posts also sit in this section, so you can monitor and cancel any of those.
  6. Analyse your page performance in Social Media Analysis
    Analytical excitement part two is provided through our Social Media Analysis section; visit it to partake in stat-based joy for each of your integrated social media accounts. Here you can view detailed information on your fan or follower counts and interactions, and see overall Vibe sentiments. Also you can cast your eyes over some account activity averages and see breakdowns of your most lively, positive and negative users. Remember those notes you left on your users earlier? These are in this section too and can be reviewed, edited or binned with ease.
  7. Get your Facebook fans signing up for your emails
    Now don’t get me wrong, you know we love social media, but sometimes you want to get right in there with an direct email to your brand aficionados. Our new Sign-Up.to Form Manager app lets you seamlessly add a data capture form to your Facebook page and this allows your fans to effortlessly sign up to your email lists. Everyone wins.
All these things and more are available in every monthly billed Sign-Up.to account, please let us know if you’d like to open or amend your account type. Some of these features come as part of our Business Class Social Marketing package but you have free access to the entire feature suite until the end of September, so go check it out! If you choose to upgrade during this time then you’ll see a massive 60% discount on the regular package price. See the banners on your account Dashboard for more details.
Have you had a go with the new tools yet? We’d love to hear what you think. As always you can leave us a comment in the box below, but why not tweet at us or leave a message on our Facebook wall instead!