New features at! 4 cool features you need to start using

3 minute read underwent a big change last week. On Tuesday we rolled out an industry-leading update to our platform, aimed at improving the way online marketers store, target and segment their subscriber data. Pretty cool, right? We certainly think so.

With this update comes a selection of new ways you can use our platform to communicate with your subscribers.

1. Target subscribers based on their location

Being able to successfully target subscribers on a number of variables is important, but targeting based on a physical location has always been a daunting and complex task. The new Audience segmentation tool allows you to do just this – you don’t even need to have address details stored for that subscriber. We fully recommend obtaining your own subscriber address data, but if you don’t have this information then you need not worry. Our platform tracks the location where an email is opened and will assign that geographical location to the subscriber.


2. Create better subscriber searches

You can now create powerful subscriber searches, making use of subscriber details in your account. Our new Audience segmentation section allows you to set up a subscriber search using a number of different criteria, such as specific subscriber data, location data (by either including or excluding an area) and previous engagement data.

Subscriber search

3. Store more powerful subscriber data

Successful email marketing is very much about quality subscriber data, and we believe the data you store in should reflect the data you collect as a company. This is now more possible than ever following updates to the subscriber profile fields section. Where previously you could only store information in ‘text’ fields you can now store details in a ‘number’ field or a ‘date’ field, designed to aid further email targeting.

Subscriber profile

4. Target based on previous engagement

Understanding which subscribers engage with you more than others is another cool addition. Using a complex algorithm we follow a subscriber’s interactions with your campaigns and rate them based on actions they complete. If they open an email they rank up, if they consistently ignore them they rank down. This means you can contact your least engaged subscribers with a special offer in an attempt to win back their attention, or send the same email to your highly ranked subscribers to reward them for their consistent engagement.


Get started…

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are. You can check out the new Audience segmentation section any time by logging in to your account and clicking on the ‘Audience segmentation’ option under the Collect tab. Remember, our Support team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, or check out our Knowledge Base to see a list of relevant articles.