New feature: how to change your automated emails

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Marketing automation is made up of three simple steps – the alert, the response and the timing. One of the most common applications of automation is the ‘Welcome’ email. The alert is the signing up of a new subscriber, the response is to send your welcome email  and the timing is… do it now! In this scenario the associated ‘asset’ of the marketing automation rule is the welcome email itself (it could equally be an SMS message).

Marketing Automation

What happens if you want to change the welcome email you are responding with?

Editing MA rules

In the past…

Once a marketing automation rule is set up any email assets associated with that rule, for example a welcome email, cannot currently be modified. This is because once a campaign is associated with a marketing automation rule it is classified as being sent, and by definition sent emails cannot be edited. The marketing automation rule itself can be edited to a certain extent but any associated email assets are locked in at the time of creation.

The consequence is that in order to edit or replace an automated email the marketing automation must first be deleted, the new email campaign created (either as new or edited as a copy of the original) and then the marketing automation rule recreated linking to the new campaign. It works, but it’s time consuming, especially where multiple marketing automations are in place.

Editing MA rules
In the future…

The good news is that editing a marketing automation rule now includes the ability to change an associated email (or SMS) directly. Now when you select the option to edit your marketing automation rule, the part which was previously greyed out (the part which relates to which email or SMS campaign to send) is now accessible, allowing you to simply replace the campaign which had previously be selected.

It’s a major productivity improvement because the associated email or SMS campaign can effectively be changed while the marketing automation rule is still live.

The original marketing automation rule is automatically replaced with the new revision along with the new campaign asset. It’s all nicely taken care of behind the scenes so, as users, all we need to do is make the changes to the campaign (this will still require creating a new one or editing the original as a copy) and then link it in by editing the existing marketing automation rule.

One more thing. Since it’s now essentially a new campaign the ‘Analyse’ section will automatically separate the results obtained from the original and the update. This allows you to make a direct comparison of performance, before and after.