Multi-step zaps are here

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The folks at Zapier have just launched ‘multi-step zaps’ – it’s good news, so we thought you’d like to know more.

Most businesses, even relatively small ones, have data that is stored, maintained and used in a number of different business applications – CRM systems, reservations, eCommerce platforms to name just a few. Integrating your email marketing with your other data applications lets you gain more insight, act on that insight faster, and ultimately improve your results. It’s a fundamental step in scaling up your business and one of the most valuable actions you can take.

zapier-logo (100px)Zapier is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of data integrations, allowing to connect with over 500 commonly used data applications. It works by creating connections (called ‘Zaps’) which control the synchronisation of data between and the associated application. It’s incredibly easy to do. As a user you simply pick the application to connect, identify the data fields to synchronise and select when you want this to happen. Zapier takes care of all of the required connections behind the scenes.

Multi-step Zaps are here

Zapier have just announced that Zaps are no longer limited to just a single response to a trigger action – if this, then do this. You’re now able to string together as many steps as you like – they call them ‘multi-step Zaps’ – if this, then do this, and this and then this and… in theory with an unlimited number of responses to a single trigger.


Check out the library of Zapier applications and read more about integrations here. Let us know if we can help.