5 ways that your business can use SMS marketing

4 minute read

SMS messaging is a great way of reaching subscribers while they’re on the move; so we’ve come up with 5 ways that you can use SMS marketing for your business, all from within your Sign-Up.to account. This post is designed to give you some practical ideas, so we’ve given examples for each concept.

1. Ask people to text you their email address

The Sign-Up.to platform lets you capture email addresses straight from an SMS message; all the subscriber needs to do is text you and the data will be stored. How are you going to get people to subscribe? Well, how about incentivising the process or giving them a reason to get in touch with you?

Customer call to action example: “The first 20 people to text us their email address will win a 20% discount card”.

2. Sending out bulk campaigns

Bulk SMS campaigns are a good way of spreading your message further, so perhaps you could use this for announcing a new product or advertising events coming up soon. In making your messages consistent and the content interesting your subscribers may begin to anticipate their arrival.

Customer call to action example: “Text us your favourite band/singer and we’ll tell you all their exclusive news first!”

3. Send appointment reminders

As well as sending out bulk campaigns you can also send individual, one off messages. You may like to use this to remind customers of appointments they have with you; or if you’re a hotel you may like to text them the day before their stay and tell them what’s on the menu in your restaurant.

Customer call to action example: “We haven’t seen you in the last few months; come and see us soon and we’ll give you a 10% discount.”

4. Mobile subscribers come first

If you’re someone who often announces events, gigs, shows or exhibitions etc, why not set up a ‘mobile club’ where people can text in their details and hear your news first. It’s a guaranteed way of increasing engagement, and if people are signing up then you know they’re interested in your business and what you have to say.

Customer call to action: “Want to hear about our exclusive events first? Text us your details and join our mobile club!”

5. Viral campaigns

Asking your customers for their opinion is always a sure-fire way to boost loyalty; they’ll appreciate being asked for input. Why not take advantage of this by setting up campaigns where you ask people to vote, or voice their opinion on a new product or service you’re thinking about offering?

Customer call to action: “We’ll soon be adding new dishes to our menu; text us and tell us what you’d like to see on it!”

These are just five examples but there are hundreds of ways you can use SMS marketing for your business. All of these ideas can be nicely tied in with email and social media marketing and if you’re new to SMS marketing all Sign-Up.to customers get 25 free SMS credits, so give mobile messaging a go. If you’d like some advice on setting these ideas up in your Sign-Up.to account drop us an email or leave us a comment below.