The Support team – what makes us special?

4 minute read

One quiet afternoon, not so long ago, us Support folks were talking about our personal experiences of customer service. After much discussion and the comparison of many examples, we came to the conclusion that what we offer at is actually pretty special and we hope you’ll agree. So without further ado, here’s a quick summary of what we do to make your experience with us as great as we can, however you choose to contact us.

Firstly, our small and dedicated team.
There are 4 of us who work on the Support desk, we are all here each and every weekday and we are all able to respond to you via email, phone or live chat. If you contact us with a problem, we try our hardest to have the same person work with you from beginning to end, regardless of whether this takes 5 minutes or 5 days.





Give us a call – 020 3355 2630
Our phone lines will always be answered quickly and by real people. You’ll never have to get tied up in any kind of automated call direction system and you’ll never be left waiting around for service. In fact, we always strive to answer calls within three rings and we think that’s pretty unusual.

Drop us an email –
We use one group email address for the Support team in order to provide the most efficient service we possibly can; this allows the most appropriate member of the team to start looking into your query as quickly as possible. It also means that if one of us is off sick or on holiday then another team member can let you know and assist in their absence.

Emailing other companies can mean a wait of several days for a response, but this is never the case with Normally you should expect a personal reply from a member of our team within 30 minutes, though it will often be even sooner than that. Our average email response time over the first 6 weeks of 2011 was 15 minutes and we don’t think that’s too shabby.

Live chat with us
Just like a phone call but in text form. When you live chat with one of the Support team you have their complete attention throughout. Unless there are really exceptional circumstances then the member of staff assisting you doesn’t answer the phone whilst chatting with you and will only have one chat on the go at any one time.

Every member of the Support team is highly knowledgeable with the system and also the wider world of online marketing, so whichever one of us you speak with should be able to help you on the spot. If for whatever reason we can’t do this, then what we can do is get hold of the information you need and quickly. We love the fact that the whole of the team work in one office as this means that if you need something like a quote, an advanced HTML answer or API assistance, there will always be someone in the room with the know-how.

We take a lot of pride in the high quality support that we provide to our customers. If you are struggling with anything at all then please let us help by contacting us through one of the methods described above. We’d also love to hear what you value most highly when it comes to customer service, please post comments in the box below.