Ops team Three Peaks Challenge 2012

2 minute read

This spring our Ops team will be attempting the National Three Peaks Challenge. It is usually the case that participants try to complete the challenge within 24 hours. As an established band of keyboard warriors with all the general enthusiasm for the great outdoors as a tortoise with gout, our Ops team will be making a rather more leisurely long weekend of it, climbing a peak a day. Here we all are below: Robin, Daisy, Neil and Leanne.

In order to maintain a sense of urgency our team has a target total climb time of 14 hours in which to scale all three peaks. This may not seem much to an experienced walker, but we’re the kind of people who have optimised our route to the kitchen and consider a 12″ Subway to be the answer to any problem, so long as someone else fetches it.

There are of course corporate advantages of such a challenge. Our suffering will certainly be entertaining for everyone else, and it will be a valuable team building exercise on the assumption that we all survive.

Furthermore we have elected to support Woking Hospice as our nominated charity for this event. The hospice is just around the corner from our UK office, and faces a continual battle to remain financially viable while giving invaluable care and support to those who need it most.

We’re extremely keen to use our expedition to raise awareness of their cause, so please donate generously to both help the hospice and to motivate our Ops team to put down their kebabs and get training.