Our Support channels – how we hear from you

3 minute read

When you get stuck, have a query or just need some advice about your digital marketing, the UK Support team are here to help. The Support team The team are available every weekday from 9am – 6pm and there are a number of different ways you can contact us:

Phone – 0203 355 2630
We love speaking to our clients and we’re pretty quick off the mark so won’t leave the phone ringing off the hook. Plus you’ll always be speaking to us directly and not an automated or outsourced service!

Live online chat
Online chat is great if you have a quick question or if you prefer to type in real-time rather than call or email. You can open up a chat window from within your account by going to the Support icons in the top left-hand corner. Within the chat window you can also print or email yourself a transcript of the conversation – very useful if we have given you any links or information that you would like to keep for reference.

Email – support@sign-up.to
Contacting our team email address ensures that your query isn’t delayed, as whoever is available first will jump on it; we have a target response time of 30 minutes for all Support enquiries and we do our very best to be even faster. Every response is personal and made relevant to your needs, and we are regularly found discussing solutions to problems between us to help you get the most rounded answer to your query. Contacting us by email is great if you need to send us screenshots of any problems you are facing. If you have any account admin queries that need actioning, we will usually ask for these requests to come in via email for security reasons. Whenever contacting the team with a technical problem, it is always useful to have some technical details to hand to help us find a solution – things like whether you are using a PC or Mac and which browser you are using.

We have lots of resources available to help guide you through your digital marketing journey, including our Knowledge baseblog, monthly Hints & TipseBook, website and inside the platform itself. So if you prefer to do a bit of swotting yourself, you can look through these resources at your own pace or we can point you in the right direction.

Last but by no means least, someone you may not have met before is our robot Mally, who will check your HTML campaign code for errors. Rest assured he is the only robot here. After all, you can’t build a relationship with a robot! (Well, some may say with the exception of Johnny Five, C3PO, Wall-E….but let’s not go there.)

We can’t wait to hear from you!