New data centre coming soon

2 minute read

We’ve been expanding very quickly over the last 18 months and part of our expansion plan includes a move to a new data centre (the secure location where the servers that run are held), which we’ve been planning for some 6 months now.

Having spent a lot of time visiting different data centres all over the South East, we’ve picked the best, signed the contracts and we’re now nearing the end of the process. The new centre will be going live early in the 2nd quarter of the year.

Servers!We’ve already acquired a gleaming stack of new hardware from Dell (the photo to the left is about 25% of it) and we begin setup and testing of our new location this week. After the move we’ll have more than double our current capacity and the ability to rapidly add new servers as we need them.

What does this mean for you? We’ll be making the move over the course of a weekend, during which access to the main application may be intermittent – though we’ll do our utmost to restrict this to the small hours of the morning to minimise any disruption. Once the move is complete you should find everything that little bit faster, as we’re upgrading every component of our hardware as part of the move. Other than that, it’s business as usual.

For the technically inclined, as part of this move we’re actually implementing a completely new infrastructure in the new data centre, then mirroring all of the data across from the old one before we switch. Once the new centre is fully live we’ll then begin decommissioning the systems and moving the hardware across to the new data centre. All of our core servers are top-spec Dell PowerEdge boxes, dual-processor, dual power supply, 8GB memory and RAID drives.

We don’t have a set date for the move yet, once we’ve finished testing the new setup we’ll be able to finalise this, but rest assured we’ll give you at least 2 weeks notice.