Meet the Support team

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Being a member of our UK Support team is a busy, challenging and rewarding job and we love it!

We are here to help with all your queries from the basic ‘how to’ to the complex ‘aah, my computer is freaking out’. Our different backgrounds and specialities mean that we cover a lot of bases so we make sure the team member with the most relevant skills assists you. But the big question is, who are we? We thought it might be nice to introduce ourselves.


Carol – Carol is our mighty chieftain, in charge of the dedicated and occasionally excitable rabble known as the Support team. She has been with us for four years now and her tea demands are unrivalled! She recently received her CIPD qualification and has a keen interest in anything HR-related. She plays wing defence for Fel Shooters netball team and loves a good night out, a good old sing-song and a nice bottle of wine.


support-karenKaren – As a senior member of the team, Karen keeps a watchful eye over the day-to-day running of Support, whipping us into shape! She has been at for over six years and spent a year off travelling around Australia. She is currently training for Spartan and is a regular attendee of Boot Camp classes.



– Our big friendly giant Paul survives on a diet of tea, tea and more tea! Paul likes solving complicated client queries, he’s hot on HTML code and can often be found coding templates. In his spare times he enjoys Wargaming, video games, skiing and he loves a good film.




support-robynRobyn – Robyn comes from a very creative background and is keen on email design. She is renowned for her absolutely epic cake decorating and is responsible for the fabulous cake that we all feasted on for our 10 year celebrations. She loves to travel; her latest adventures include a trip to Peru.



support-ceriCeri – Ceri is the youngest and newest member of the team and has been with us for six months now. An avid reader, writer and copy editor, she is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to grammar. Ceri is a roller-derby speed demon and plays Jammer for Surrey Rollergirls.



support-helenHelen – Me? My interests lie in marketing strategy. I am currently attempting to master the Portuguese language, badly I might add. I have a passion for rock music and can often be found at gigs battling for the front row. Other interests include films, travel and roller-coasters!




We’re here to help, so if you ever need any assistance, please get in touch by contacting us via live chat, phone (020 3355 2630) or email ( from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, except Fridays in August when we close at 5pm.