Keeping our clients in mind

4 minute read

Our customers range from small owner-managed outfits to large global brands. They encompass almost every industry imaginable with a large majority of our clients being small to medium enterprises (SME). For this reason our easy-to-use self-service platform has been designed with the SME in mind; it’s ideal for those that want to get the job done quickly but don’t necessarily have HTML experience. However, no matter how straightforward we aim the platform to be, we believe it is important to have access to great customer service, and that’s where our Support team come in.

Our friendly Support teamThe Support team are the eyes and ears of the platform and the direct link between our clients and our engineers, working in and out of the platform every day. We work in-house along with the rest of the team in the same open plan office in sunny Woking, with our engineers literally a stone’s throw away (we don’t actually throw stones at them). Most of our time is spent advising and guiding our clients, which encompasses a number of other related tasks:

Product enhancements – it’s great when we hear ideas from our clients of what they would like our platform to be able to do. It’s up to the Support team to relay these ideas back to our development team to see if they can fit in to our product roadmap for future upgrades.

Improving the platform – if we notice something that we think doesn’t work so well we directly feed this back to our engineers; similarly if we notice common ‘how to’ queries from our clients, this information gets filtered into the platform, the blog and our Knowledge base guides.

Quirks in the system – every now and again a client may come across an issue that suggests that something has broken along the way. When this happens the Support team are here to test the issue, liaise with the engineers to find out what has happened, find a fix and test, test and test again!

Bespoke templates – we offer a bespoke template service for our clients. The Support team act as the go-between for this, liaising with the client regarding completion of their template brief before it gets passed to our design team to create and code a template that renders well in the majority of inboxes.

Training – our training service is run by the Support team, so if you ever book a session you will be getting the most rounded overview of exactly what the product can do and how it can work for your business.

Managed campaigns – while a lot of our clients utilise our user-friendly editing tools to create their own campaigns, we can also create your campaigns for you, making sure that your email looks great.

Feedback from our customers is crucial and the more the better. We really do want to know what you think so that we can continue to improve and develop, not just ourselves but the platform too. It may be that there is already a solution available for a problem you might be having and we just need to guide you in the right direction, or you may have an idea that we can take on board that will help other clients in the future. So as we always say, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We really are here to help.