Getting going again

3 minute read

engine-outWe’re nearly all back in the office again ready to attack 2009 – I hope you all had either a relaxing or a productive break. I certainly chose the latter opting to help a friend swap a car engine, a process that’s given me quite an idea for team building exercises. It was absolute proof that a professional outlook, diligent research and a dedicated work ethic are the core requirements to succeed – for with no formal training I worked (once through the night!) with a financial controller and an electronic engineer to perform a task that’s usually the domain of really involved mechanics.

When choosing staff for the modern workplace, technical assessment is only a part of the selection process. Of course we all need team members who can do the job, but we really need colleagues who’ll make good their mistakes, learn skills they lack, and go the extra mile when required. A couple of our software engineers missed our Christmas drinks to ensure we delivered a bespoke application extension on time – it’s a real shame it came to that, but that’s the kind of dedication that makes the difference in this world and for that we cheer them.

The downside of a mind that’s always performing analysis and asking “how can I make this better?” is that it’s easy to be disappointed with every day things. Our household finally gave in and gained a Nintendo Wii this Christmas – everyone loved it except for cranky old me – I fell out with it while setting it up. Why hasn’t it got an ethernet socket like the PS3? Configuring wireless with WEP keys using that infernal Wii controller and on-screen keyboard is a nightmare! (I know a USB to ethernet dongle is available at extra cost). And why must it have an external power supply with hard to locate connector, unlike the PS3 that has an IEC socket like a PC? The console is such a good idea, but I’d like to make it better.

In reality I can’t make the Wii better – certainly not without increasing its cost. However, a constantly critical mindset is required for evolution, and I can with the help of my colleagues make’s applications better, and in 2009 we shall. The great thing about online applications such as and is that every time we improve them, our customers reap the benefits immediately without any additional spend or effort. It’s only such a shame that we’ve not got infinite resources, so I’m off now to make sure we do the best we can.

So until next time – Happy New Year!