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As mentioned, Karen left us for pastures new on Friday. Today is therefore a good time to focus on our new support team, who are here to assist and advise at every twist of your marketing journey.


No two days at Sign-Up.to are ever the same, and life in the support team is no exception. Our applications are so vast that enquiries range from marketing advice, through HTML coding and billing enquires to full-on data crunching. The team are encouraged to find their own specialities, so it is natural that the longer standing members of staff spend more time doing what they’re best at.

At Sign-Up.to we firmly believe in giving personal customer service. This means our phones are always answered by a member of our full time staff, who are in the same room as our development and management teams. While we have one group phone number (0845 299 0119) and one group email address (support@sign-up.to), customers can always request their enquiry be dealt with by a specific member of the team if that person has been of assistance to them in the past. This way our customers can effectively choose their own assistant who knows them best, and everyone is happy with quickly solved issues.

Mark Taylor

Mark (above) has been with us since October 2007, and looks after the more technical support requests. With a firm grasp of internet technologies Mark can just as soon fix HTML email campaigns as delve into the database with his SQL skills, or give advice on our API utilities. Mark has plenty of enterprise customers whose campaigns he regularly manages, including Woking Football Club.

Sophie Clark

Sophie (above) is the longest standing member of the support team, having been with us since the summer of 2007. An expert with the system, Sophie also handles our billing and accounts systems.

Leanne Beale

Leanne (above) joined us last month and comes with a strong account management background. Already familiar with our systems, Leanne is currently working on updating our FAQ and other documentation.

Carol Peat

Our newest recruit Carol (above) also joined in August 2009 and also brings extensive content management, marketing and web application experience. Both Leanne and Carol have already started to get to know many of our customers, and we’re sure they’ll find their own specialist skills soon enough.

If you’ve got any feedback on our support team and methods please feel free to use the comments box below, or drop me a direct email.

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