Focus on: our development team

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Following on from lasts week’s introduction to our support team, here’s a mention of those who work behind the scenes to bring you our great web applications.

Development team

The development team are responsible for all technical aspects of and – our main web applications. From building compliant, easy to use web pages (the parts of our apps that you “touch and feel”), to tuning the fast email service that constructs and despatches your custom emails (each with personalised content) at over 200 messages each second, there’s plenty of justification for all those monitors!

How’s the SMS service? Can you extend the API? Can we add another payment provider for eTickets? Can you make this web page lighter? We need a new feature by the end of the week. Questions like this keep the fab four on their toes.


Nick (above) has known the codebase since it was very young in 2004 and now leads the team. Boasting an uncommon unity of both technical skills and the ability to communicate in plain English, Nick’s time is always in demand, so he’s often the busiest person in the room.


With 13 years of internet technology experience and knowledge of a disturbing number of geeky languages, Peter (above) has rapidly become a powerhouse of our product development. Beyond his core role, Peter has a weekly roundup slot on this blog, and also assists me in looking after our internal ‘lunch ideas’ microsite. I think you really have to work with us to fully appreciate just how seriously we take lunch.


Simon specialises in ‘front side’ coding – making our websites easy to use and standards compliant. That said, he does use Vi as his text editor – and even has his own ‘Vi reference mug’ on his desk (pictured above).


Jon (above) is the newest and youngest development recruit, but arrived with us after a firm commercial grounding in the defence sector. Jon has taken ownership of critical applications such as our SMS platform, and many of our background tools.

As a technical company our development team plays a vital role in both everyday office life and our overall strategy. They sit just a few metres from our support team, ensuring a great feedback loop from customer to product, and a generally good office atmosphere.

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