Coffeeconomics – 30 months on…

2 minute read

Two and a half years ago I wrote a post on this blog entitled “The Coffeeconomics of a tech company”. I can’t actually believe it was that long ago, but WordPress insists it was.

After 3 years of fine service and nearly 9,000 cups of coffee, our trusty Nespresso machine is finally succumbing to the strain and is about to be replaced. I’m frankly staggered it’s lasted this long. Back in late 2009 we I (forever the frugal entrepreneur) bought the cheapest machine available, designed for occasional home use and then proceeded to use it pretty much non-stop. I think we’ve probably got more value out of that little machine than any other office appliance we’ve bought.

So, I thought it time to take another quick look at our growth as measured in coffee consumption. At the time of my last post, we were getting through 100 capsules every 3 weeks and the machine was perched on top of a fridge in the corner of our office.

Since then, we’ve doubled our office space, added many members to our team and got our own kitchen, which is bigger than our first office was in 2003.

So far this year we’re averaging 100 capsules a week – and it’s not all me, I swear! We still have to be careful about reordering though, last time we nearly ran out there were whispers of rebellion and I swear I saw a few tears.

I should add that we cater to non coffee drinkers too, when they somehow slip through the interview process. I can’t quite bring myself to track Diet Coke and teabag consumption though.