Behind the video

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About our videos

As a web technology provider we face a constant battle to make it easy for our customers to use complex e-marketing techniques. Our interaction and development teams are always beavering away to keep our applications simple, intuitive and effective, and we have always taken pride in our total support. As an Account Manager I’m always looking for ways to ensure our customers can get the most from our service, so soon after joining the team last year I set to work on producing a set of video tutorials. The aim is to provide online visual direction to both explain common marketing practises, and to highlight some more advanced features.

Initially I tried a few different techniques and styles, gathering both colleague and customer feedback to ensure that the videos are both easy to watch and informative. Having gathered some momentum, earlier this year I successfully campaigned for a custom built recording studio in our recent office expansion. Our initial videos were recorded directly on a MacBook using the built in microphone; now things are rather different!

Technology & production

The studio was constructed with sound insulation to isolate me from the busy (and sometimes rather lively!) office environment. The videos themselves are recorded using Screenflow on a Mac Mini, and I use a 1080p monitor to allow me to record high quality video at a good resolution (1600×844). I use a filtered, unidirectional microphone to minimise background noise; my voice now sounds so much more natural than it used to when recorded using the MacBook’s built in microphone!

Before recording I produce a script and a hand-sketched story board for each video. I use Adobe Fireworks to prepare additional visuals and effects, and then it’s all about putting it together in Screenflow, starting with audio recordings and then adding the video. As I’m a bit of a perfectionist some stages, particularly the audio, require a few ‘takes’!


To have a look at our selection of videos please see our Youtube channel. Over the last year I’ve realised how much I enjoy making videos, and love hearing feedback from our customers as a result. I hope you enjoy our videos, and if you have feedback or would like to see a new video please let us know in the comments box below – we’d love to hear from you!