A little insight into our week…

1 minute read

It’s been a busy week here at Sign-Up.to, we’re often asked what we get up to so I thought I’d give you a little insight into things that have been happening this week.

We started off the week giving a presentation to a panel of judges for the National Business Awards, where we’re a regional finalist for the ‘Customer Focus’ award. A nerve-racking but very worthwhile experience – we now have to wait until 12th July though to see if we’ve won!

Almost straight after that I flew over to Sofia, Bulgaria this week as we’re participating in and co-sponsoring the South East European Music Event – we have a lot of music industry clients and we’re very keen on supporting the industry as a whole, particularly in developing regions. It’s a gruelling schedule though – 3 days of panels and 3 nights of parties networking with very little sleep!

With all this going on we’ve also been hard at work on two major new features which will be released very soon. These are going to help improve your campaigns before you send them and provide more insight into what happens after they’re received. Watch this space!