2012 – A Sign-Up.to year in review

3 minute read

What a year it’s been here at Sign-Up.to, and how far our company and platform have come. At the beginning of 2012, when you logged into your account you saw something that looked like this:

If you log in right now, you’ll see something that looks more like this:

But that is just the beginning, it’s been a crazy busy one across the board. So what else has occurred on our journey through the last 12 months?

Making our platform more awesome and powerful than ever!

Our in-house Engineering teams are constantly developing the Sign-Up.to platform, and we have achieved tonnes this year to help you push your marketing forward with ease and style. The screenshot above shows you the brand new navigation that we launched at the start of 2012. Spring saw the release of some significant Account section upgrades, and in the Summer we launched a massively upgraded email template browser and pulled some serious Marketing Automation upgrades out of the bag. At the end of Autumn, the Dashboard became the Home page, with a brand new step-by-step system to guide you through all the marketing channels. Then Winter has brought with it the mighty form builder, which to my mind is the highlight feature of the year.


Going global has been a decidedly big deal for us during 2012. We welcomed former Sign-Up Brenden back into the fold by opening an Australian office. We added full time zone support to the application, making things even better for users outside of the UK or that send in various time zones. We also improved our region and currency support, rolled out SMS marketing to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and overhauled our website with a whole host of enhancements and shininess for our international users.

Social Media!

We’ve been saying this for ages, but social media continues to strengthen its position as an essential marketing tool. To keep up with the trend, this Summer we added Google+ and Pinterest support to the application, and we embraced Facebook timeline. We also gave you our Business Class Social marketing tools for free and put together an awesome infographic on Twitter marketing and the results you should expect.

So much other stuff!

We’ve ramped up our touch screen support across the application and added responsive email design into the mix. We’ve given you bucketfuls of beautiful free email templates to choose from, integrated with Zapier and created another infographic looking at the reach of digital marketing via various channels. We even found time to help you with your Secret Santavisit SXSW, and raise over £1,200 for charity by doing the Three Peaks Challenge! Oh, and we drank an awful lot of coffee.

I told you we’d been busy. Here’s to more next year! Providing we all survive this week’s Mayan apocalypse of course…