How to set your industry

4 minute read

There are 2 good reasons to add your industry category to your account – this is the self-classification which links you to your customer peers.

Firstly – as you may know, each year we publish our Email Marketing Benchmark Report. This is a large scale analysis of all of the email campaigns sent by customers over the previous 12 months. We look at a whole range of aspects of performance, from standard metrics like opens, clicks and unsubscribes, to more holistic measures of engagement, and comparisons of campaigns on mobile devices and those driven by marketing automation.

This year’s report (the 2018 report) was the most comprehensive to date – with over 60 pages of analysis, discussion and tips for improvement – if you haven’t seen it yet you can download your free copy from the link below. By the way – the next annual Benchmark Report is due to be published early next year.

Download the 2018 Email Marketing Benchmark Report here>

Anyway, a central feature of the Benchmark Report is the analysis of email marketing performance for 29 different industry sectors. Over the years we’ve found a large variation in all the measured performance metrics across different industry sectors. Breaking down the overall results into these smaller industry groups allows a much more realistic assessment of your campaign performance against that of your peers. Adding your industry classification to your account will ensure that your campaigns are accurately classified as part of the overall survey.

Don’t worry – no details of your campaigns are shared with others. It just means that you are contributing to the accuracy and relevance of the survey as a whole.

Secondly, setting your industry classification enables a great feature in the ‘Analyse’ section of your account – a direct comparison of each of your campaigns against the aggregated performance results of others in your industry. You can see what I mean in the figure below – the aggregated comparison for any selected campaign is shown on the righthand side along with the normal campaign summary.

Sounds good? If you haven’t yet set your industry classification – it’s easy to do.

When you’re logged into your account you’ll see a small cog-wheel icon – it’s on the top righthand side of the main navigation menu. Click this and then select the ‘Settings’ option.

From there you’ll see where your account details (like your registered address and telephone number) are stored. You’ll also see the selection box for your industry classification. Just select the option that best fits your business and then save the changes.

Done, and thank you!

It might be starting to feel like Christmas but this year still has a while to go, and our 2018 campaign results are still being gathered. I’ll let you know when the 2019 report is available – keep an eye out on the website for around the start of February.