What does Google’s shared endorsement policy mean for you?

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Last week Google announced a change to their shared endorsement policy. The change is due to go live on November 11th 2013 and means that your profile name and photograph may appear next to any products you’ve purchased or reviewed when another user searches the item on Google. For example, if you were to purchase music from Google Play your name and photo would appear next to that artist if a friend of yours was to search for the same artist.

Unsurprisingly the change has been met with backlash, with the BBC reporting that protests have included people making Google boss Eric Schmidt their profile picture. Perhaps a little drastic, but privacy is always a hot topic and there has been plenty of noise about how to turn off these shared endorsement adds. Google have also included it on their website and argue that their users remain in control – sharing content they choose, and using their Google+ profile name and image.

Google changes

This image has come directly from Google.

To turn off this add option, first log into your Google account, then go to the Shared Endorsements setting page. Here Google will cleverly ask you to upgrade your account to a Google+ account. It’s then a simple tick box option labelled ‘Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads’.

What do you think of these changes? Will you be turning off these ads?