Today is sysadmin appreciation day!

2 minute read

A little tongue in cheek perhaps, but today is Sysadmin Appreciation Day – official site here. As I come from a systems background, and without good sysadmin our business model at simply wouldn’t work, I definitely see the serious side to this.

Life at is most definitely teamwork. It’s generally foolish to consider any one department to have a more important role than any other – all departments exist for a reason and without the others that reason would vanish. Yet sysadmins do tend to get quite a raw deal. That link to one of Arnold’s finest has nothing to do with this, I just like that film. 🙂

A perfect system administrator could easily go unnoticed. A watchful management team should of course realise and reward accordingly, but there will be no great events to put the sysadmin’s work on the radar, and often their greatest reward for great work will be a low stress existence. When a system administrator makes a mistake, the effects can be catastrophic. Then management teams notice!

Even when mistakes haven’t been made, hardware can still fail, or a developer’s code could do something completely unexpected. When a server goes down a sysadmin’s mobile phone will light up like a Christmas tree. Sometimes they’ll be in the office, but it’s rarely so convenient. I’ve had to abort meals and entire night’s sleep in the past to ensure that we continue to deliver our messages to the right people in the right place at the right time.

So to all my sysadmin colleagues, both here and across the globe, you are certainly appreciated. 🙂