The wide world of web apps

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For years I’ve been interested in web apps. It seems there’s an app for everything – from managing projects and tasks to creating social communities. While the endless options are great, it seems that people aren’t always aware of the staggering number of web apps available to them. Before hiring a software developer to build a platform for your business make sure you take a look through the vast amount of web apps – you might find an app you never knew you needed.

Finding the web app for your requirements

There are a couple of things I do when trying to find a suitable web app to fit my requirements. Firstly, I head over to AppVita. These guys simply collate and review web apps and the website is updated almost daily so you’ve always got a fresh content to explore. A great thing about AppVita is the way they categorise the apps they review. Whether you choose to create things or get organised you’ll be presented with a selection of web apps for that specific category. This can really help when sourcing specific software goodness.

Secondly, I’d recommend following Web.AppStorm. This is a blog specifically about web apps and, like AppVita, it is updated almost daily. It features in-depth reviews of the latest web apps, as well as user polls and general web app news. Much like AppVita you can sort the reviews by category. Pretty helpful when comparing similar apps.

So, you think you’ve found the right app, but before you commit you want to know you’ve truly got the best system for you, right? An easy way to see the alternatives to the web app you’ve set your heart on is by going to and searching for your web app. Here you’ll see similar apps, allowing you to compare and decide on the one for you.

The web apps I use on a daily basis

Through my travels around the web app world I’ve come across some awesome platforms that I use daily to organise my tasks, time and leisure activities. Here’s a small selection…

  • TeuxDeux is a beautifully simple task management app by Swissmiss, a design studio based in New York. This little beauty shows me a five-day view of my tasks, allowing me to easily plan my day and see what needs doing. Although the free plan has recently been replaced by a $3 monthly fee you do get a hefty free trial when you register, so it’s still well worth looking at.


  • Toggl is the little work-horse I use for time tracking. When working on marketing and social media projects it’s important I know where I’m spending my time. I have all my projects set up on Toggl, and tracking my time is as simple as clicking a button. PDF reports can be downloaded whenever I need them. Perfect for proving to the boss that I don’t spend my day tweeting and sourcing cat GIF’s. *cough*


  • Simplenote is, as you’ve probably guessed, a simple note taking app. It’s perfect for jotting down (digitally, of course) meeting notes or quick ideas for your next email campaign. The ability to tag your notes is pretty handy and makes sorting through your ramblings fairly easy. They’ve got a nice iPhone and iPad app to match.


  • Finally, it would be criminal of me to write a post about web apps and not mention Trello, the app we use at to manage almost everything, but I won’t go into any detail because we wrote a post about that a little while ago!


In conclusion

Sometimes a spreadsheet or pen and paper just isn’t good enough. Start searching for ways in which you can improve your organisation and productivity through web apps. You’ll be surprised by what you find. Got a favourite or interesting web app? Don’t forget to share them with us!