The Rundown Report: Bitcoin, Unplugged & Braille Bricks

2 minute read

Another week has flown by here at, so sit back as we share five news stories that have caught our eye this week…

1. Facebook live arrives on Android

After launching Facebook live a month ago, it’s now arrived on Android devices. Designed to tap into the growing popularity of video content, IAB have all the details.

2. Will the real Mr. Bitcoin please stand up?

Back at the start of the week we had news that Craig Wright had announced himself as inventor of the Bitcoin, but as the week’s gone on there seems to have been a bit of u-turn. The BBC has all the latest.

3. Unplugged set for introduction in 2017

The Telegraph has reported that YouTube are working on a paid subscription service, called Unplugged, that’d allow viewing multiple TV channels through Internet streaming. The question is, will it overtake TV?

4. New additions to the video game hall of fame 

Sonic, Space Invaders and The Sims were just three of six games added to the World Video Games Hall of Fame 2016 this week. Has your favourite been added?


5. The launch of Braille Bricks

We recently spotted a great story about The Braille Bricks project. Co -founded by the Dorina Nowill Foundation For The Blind, they’re designed to help blind children learn to read through play. Find out more and watch a video here.

Have any other news stories caught your eye? Drop us a tweet and tell us all about them.