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Just a note – if you’re using to shorten your URL links you might be interested to check its spam credentials. The Spamhaus project (if you don’t know them, they compile several widely used anti-spam lists) currently has links shortened via as blacklisted.

The result is that emails containing links to URLs shortened with are likely to bounce. This may also have a downstream implication for client domains – so it’s worth checking. If you’re worried try using something like MXToolbox’s blacklist check – it’s a free, easy tool for clients to check the blacklist status of their domain with many of the major blacklisting companies.

Looking at historical Google posts it seems that this is an off-off status with Spamhaus so if you want to shorten a URL perhaps it’s worth considering something else (like instead.


If none of this makes any sense to you that’s because you’re probably not affected and you can carry on with your life as if nothing has happened. Onward.