Maintenance – evening of Wednesday 16th February

1 minute read

** Update :  maintenance was completed successfully, all services are running normally as of 22:10 **

We’ll be performing scheduled maintenance and upgrades this Wednesday evening (the 16th February), and this means that for a time, some accounts will be unavailable. This work will affect about 50% of our customers, and the maintenance window will be from 9:30pm until midnight on Wednesday 16th February.

We really hope any unavailability doesn’t cause too much inconvenience. Accounts will be affected in groups, and we don’t expect any one account to be unavailable for more than 30 minutes. Any scheduled or current campaigns will be paused while accounts are unavailable, but should go out within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. Please do relay this information to any colleagues or clients of yours who have access to or any of our associated products. We will keep everyone informed of progress from our twitter account so stay tuned to that for updates as the evening progresses. Any questions – please use the comments form below!