Good, Better, Best!

2 minute read

System Maintenance & Performance Report

As the technical team here prepare for the second wave of hardware to enter our new data-centre, it seems a good time to reflect upon the changes we’ve made, and present our plan for the future. Only ten days ago we performed our scheduled maintenance. The good news is that all went smoothly, and that’s a huge tribute to our team here who gave up their weekend to make it happen.

In the six hours of downtime we moved all of our data and services to a fleet of faster servers, that are racked, powered and networked in a custom layout designed by our in-house team. So what does all this mean to you? Well, the benchmark improvements have been pleasing, and are hopefully meaningful and notable. Heavy page loads are now around twice as fast. Our email despatch speed is roughly 5 times faster. The amount of time it takes us to receive an SMS, add that subscription and despatch a reply SMS is almost 10 times faster!

The even better news is that we’re not done yet – we’re currently preparing another pile of servers and we’ll double the amount in production by the end of May. The best news is that we aim to manage this with zero downtime, so the only thing you may notice is a bit more performance. I hope your internet connection is quick enough to keep up with us!