1 million daily API calls and counting…

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Over 1 million api calls

There are a lot of features in Sign-Up.to, but it becomes most powerful when it works together with other tools, and we want to make that as easy as possible to do. That’s why as well as integrating with tools like Zapier we invest heavily in our RESTful API, which we launched out of beta at the end of 2013.

Our Permission Marketing API makes it possible to access Sign-Up.to’s email marketing, SMS and data management features from other applications – so data can be synchronised, messages created and sent and much, much more, all without needing to log in to Sign-Up.to.

In the last 15 months it’s been great to see what people have done with the API – from open source Python libraries to complete integrations with platforms like Magento and MSDynamics (more on this soon).

We’ve even seen major brands use the partner features of our API to launch their own versions of Sign-Up.to completely under their own branding, with their own choice of features and integrated with their own billing systems.

This month we’re celebrating a major milestone for the API – we now service over 1 million API calls a day, a more than 10x increase in just over a year.

It’s been wonderful to see so many people adopt our API and provide us with feedback. If you’re working on an API integration please do let us know, and remember that we can also provide you with support if you have any queries on how best to use the API.