It’s all about image

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I know a lot of our wonderful clients don’t only call Support to hear our beautiful voices, but recently we have had a number of enquiries as to how to resize images, so I thought I would write a blog post about this.

Junk in the trunk

First of all let’s clarify the need to keep image weight down. Sending out an email campaign or newsletter containing just one large image (e.g. a flyer) will most likely get marked as junk. Filters monitor the text to image ratio within a campaign; get this wrong and you’ll fall foul of the filter – worth avoiding at all costs!

You should also consider that the vast majority of email clients will not load images by default. So an email campaign that contains just one large image will initially appear to be blank. If you need inspiration to create a great looking email without just using images, I recommend using one of our free email templates – see our guide for more information.

We impose a limit of 100kB for image weight because we believe this leaves plenty of room to design a great email, while encouraging light campaigns that shouldn’t get filtered. If your images weigh more than 100kB, the chances are you can reduce their file size without compromising noticeably on the image quality.

Resizing images

We recommend that you use – a free online image resizing tool which is very user friendly.

First go to and click “Upload a Photo” on the left hand side.

Upload an Image

Upload an Image

Now browse your computer for the image you wish to resize and click “Ok”.

Now the “Edit” tab will open on the website, click on the “Resize” button under this tab. We recommend that images should be no larger than 650 pixels in width, so set your desired size here. By typing in a width the height will change to match; you could even resize by percentage of the current size if you wish.

Once you are happy with this, click “Ok” on the right hand side of the new dimensions, this will take you back to the “Edit” tab. Now click on the tab named “Save and Share”, pick a suitable name for this file (make sure it is different from the previous name to save confusion!). Here you can set the Compression Quality, and below this it states the current file size, make sure this is below 100kB and then you are free to save this file ready to import into your campaign.

Save the image

Save the image

Hosting your own images

You may of course choose to host your own images, in which case there’s no image size limit. Please bear in mind though that larger images are likely to excite junk filters!

To include a self-hosted image within an email campaign in, click the “insert image” button in our editor, choose “Web Location” and insert the URL where the image is located to add it to the campaign. More detailed instructions on this process can be found in our guide.