Good website design – Camera+

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Hello again, and welcome to our latest ‘Good website design’ post. This time I’ll be taking a look at the website of a product that I’m personally a big fan of: Camera+.

Camera+ augments the iPhone’s standard camera with a cargo ship’s worth of additional features. As a photography enthusiast I find this app makes taking photos on the iPhone quicker and more enjoyable, giving control over some fine tuning elements and adding an array of post-processing effects. It also makes sharing your photos easy as you can share directly from the app to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr or send it to a friend via email.

It’s no surprise then that the Camera+ website compliments the app in several ways. The background of the site tiles a dark camera grip texture seamlessly across its width and the main content area sits slim and centred on the canvas with a subtle drop shadow border.

The various feature sections contain different photo-centric textures from a dark gloss to a vivid lens flare, each broken up with elements familiar to the Camera+ app itself. The top section features a grained metal background containing dark text that is highlighted with a white text-shadow – this subtle effect makes the text look as if it has been punched out of the background, giving it a crisp look that integrates well with the texture.

A clear call to action sits on the left with a link to the App Store where you can buy the app. On the right sits an image of an iPhone which loops a demonstratory video of the app using the new HTML5 video tag. To the average visitor (with an up to date web browser) this means that the video will play seamlessly without the need for additional plug-ins or user interaction. When browsing on an iPhone, the video will be available to play externally by tapping the play button and for those with older browsers which do not support HTML5, graceful degradation ensures that a still image fills the seat.

Useful snippets of information on the many features of Camera+ are scattered in the below sections with minimalist icons illustrating their functionality. This makes scanning the page for attractive aspects of the app very easy.

An example gallery is included at the bottom of the page to show the many ways that Camera+ can improve your photos, however it would be nice to see this take a more prominent seat within the site by utilising some of the excess horizontal space. I also feel that they have missed an opportunity to gain some community involvement with the gallery section, along with promoting their Twitter and Facebook pages to encourage sharing and enforce their brand identity.

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