Good email design – The London Kitchen

2 minute read

I love receiving an email campaign that looks good; with lots of ‘bad’ ones out there, a well-designed campaign can sometimes feel like a rare treat. That’s why our good email design series exists to showcase the emails put together on the platform that stand out from the crowd. The below campaign from the team at The London Kitchen is a new favourite of mine and the design and its simplicity really makes for an eye-catching email.

The London Kitchen are more than just a catering company. In their own words, ‘we’re passionate about delivering food to spice up your event’. I’m a big fan of their branding; the consistency between their website and email sends is spot on and I know exactly who the sender is, thanks to their well-defined branding.

What I love the most about this design is the strongly defined sections, matched with eye-catching imagery. As well as being in-keeping with their website, it also fits together nicely as a set of images – with their logo featuring too. That consistency and style makes for an enjoyable read. The design is clean, with bold sections and the ever-important good balance between images and text.


I’ve also got to mention how much I enjoyed the footer of their email; both the bright colours and cute illustrations really caught my eye. The colour palette has clearly been thought-out, and features throughout their branding. The footer also makes it really easy to know how to get in touch with the team.

What do you think of this design? Does it stand out for you? If you’re looking to give a bit of life to your email marketing, why not browse our new range of fully responsive email marketing templates? They’re guaranteed to not only look good, but also give a great user experience!