Good email design – spotlight on Tell Tale Travel

2 minute read

Over the last few months we’ve been taking a look at some of the great email campaigns being sent through the platform. This month the spotlight is on Tell Tale Travel, a travel company who specialise in providing both relaxing and adventure holidays with a difference. After a quick glance over their latest campaign I can’t help but start daydreaming about going on holiday!

The first thing I noticed about their email is that it’s been adapted from one of the free email marketing templates we offer all our customers. They’ve adapted the template to match the branding and style of their website. Keeping branding consistent across all channels is hugely important; when it comes to email it’ll mean the reader is more likely to recognise who the sender is. This is then likely to lead to a higher engagement with the campaign.


The Tell Tale Travel team have made great use of a three column template to neatly structure their campaign. Each article details a holiday and presents a clear call to action at the bottom. I really like the tone they’ve used for each article, it’s not too formal and this is likely to make the subject matter more appealing to the reader. Adding the company’s contact details in the footer of the campaign enables the reader to get in touch with Tell Tale Travel, making it super easy to convert engaged readers into paying customers.

Finally, they’ve made excellent use of social and viral sharing buttons. The importance of these links for increasing the reach of your marketing cannot be underestimated. Providing links to allow your subscribers to forward your messages to a friend mean your email could be shared with new prospects. In my eyes, these links are compulsory for a truly successful email campaign.

What do you think? Are you a fan of this email? If you’ve designed an email campaign you’re particularly proud of, get in touch and your email could feature in this blog series.