Good email design – spotlight on SolarAid

3 minute read

While looking for the next good email design post I came across an email campaign that had some fantastic results. SolarAid sent an email in February this year which received open and click-through rates over double that of the industry average.

SolarAid are a British charity that promotes the use of solar energy to help reduce global poverty and climate change. The results SolarAid have seen are testament to the attractive layout of their email, familiar branding and tone, and their clear calls to action. They’ve recognised email marketing as a useful way of keeping relevant parties informed of their cause and developments, and they really focus their emails on this goal. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re managing their database carefully to ensure they send to people who really want to hear from them.

If we look at the design itself, what first caught my eye about this campaign is the bright orange that we see throughout the email; as a background to the social media links, in their logo and as a header to each email article. The colour and style of the email campaign really makes it stand out and carefully pulls the reader’s eye through the email in a structured way. That colour isn’t just used in their emails, it’s featured throughout their website too. Having that consistency is hugely important when building a brand that people will recognise and engage with over time.


Best practice suggests having a good balance of images and text in your email campaign for both delivery and ease of interpretation for the reader, yet this email is fairly text heavy. It’s safe to say that the results speak for themselves; with triple the industry average for clicks, their ‘formula’ works. SolarAid have used email as their key communication channel for informing people of their cause. They’ve also linked through to other sources as much as possible, so could this be why their click through rate is so high?

Finally, to help SolarAid organise their content, they’ve neatly created articles with digestible amounts of copy. It’s fair to say that while some readers may not read the main body of text, they may be drawn to the smaller articles. If you’re finding it difficult to organise your content, our Campaign Designer editor makes it really easy to divide and move articles at the drop of a hat!

What do you think of this design? Does it get the balance of eye catching and informative just right? The results would suggest so, but we’d love to know what you think.

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