Good email design – spotlight on Peyton and Byrne

3 minute read

We return this month to a normal good email design blog after last month’s post on the design competition winner. Now you may recognise the following company as being someone who entered our competition; sadly they didn’t win the iPad 2, but I felt they definitely deserved an honourable mention for being a real favourite in the office.

Personally I really like the style of Peyton and Byrne’s email campaigns and also their approach to email marketing. The restaurant group send a campaign to subscribers each month, and while each one has it’s own distinct theme, as a series they are wonderfully consistent. The same concise layout is used and it contains the same number of articles and photographs each time. Apart from the familiarity this creates for subscribers, it also means that they are effectively utilising a template which will save time and complication when producing appropriate content and images.

Content wise the recent Peyton and Byrne newsletter below also ticks all the boxes. The branding is clear and the email perfectly matches the styling of the Peyton and Byrne website. I like the navigation type menu in the top right corner of the campaign which allows subscribers to visit some general areas of the site with ease. Also included in each article are clear links to additional information and opportunities to book for the events on offer.

The tasteful mixture of serif and sans serif typefaces, combined with the grey text and delicate article borders gives an air of class and quiet confidence to the campaign. I also like how Peyton and Byrne have employed custom icons to link to their Facebook and Twitter pages, rather than using the standard social media logos.  Overall I think it’s a great design and would enjoy seeing it in my inbox each month.

I’m afraid that’s it for this month’s inspiration fix, but we’ll be back next month to showcase another delightfully designed email campaign. In the meantime be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more online marketing news and advice. As always if you have any questions or comments on this month’s post, please leave them in the box below!