Good email design – spotlight on I.B. Tauris

3 minute read

Over the last few months we’ve been taking a look at some great email campaigns being sent through the system. This month the spotlight is on I.B. Tauris, an independent publishing house who specialise in the areas of humanities and social sciences. Their recent campaign on Tauris Parke Paperbacks caught my eye as being a great example of attractive email design.

The design of the campaign itself is deceptively simple and uncluttered, but there are subtle design elements here that point to quite a complex and thoughtful creation process. For example the red borders on each of the sections have curved corners and this requires them to be an image rather than a border on a table. The whole campaign utilises this technique seamlessly, combining carefully constructed images and table elements into something flowing and complete.

Use of colour is always something that influences my initial thoughts about a campaign and this is no exception. The restricted colour palette of red, white and grey is nicely executed and fits beautifully with the books being promoted. I also like the inclusion of a small number of prominent images, all of which can be clicked on to take you to more information on the website.

The campaign contains a dedicated section for social media links. I.B. Tauris utilise Facebook and Twitter regularly to interact with their customers and they also use Scribd (an industry specific platform) which provides great opportunities for more targeted interaction.

Targeting is something that I.B. Tauris do very well with their campaigns. Their database is heavily segmented and then further filters are applied when sending an email to ensure that their subscribers receive the most relevant and interesting content possible. This is reflected by the consistently good open rates that their campaigns generate.



Hopefully you’re feeling suitably inspired for this month. However if you’re putting together a campaign and things don’t seem to be looking quite right then why not give Mally a go? He’s our friendly robot who will work on fixing up your code in no time. Seen any great email campaigns lately? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.