Good email design – spotlight on HealthCare International

2 minute read

Following on from our previous good email design post, I now turn my attention to the email creations from the team at HealthCare International.

HealthCare International is a specialist provider of global health and personal insurances. One of their most recent email campaigns caught my eye due to their ability to contain a large amount of information so neatly within one email. It’s not always easy to do but there’s a clear structure, consistent across all their emails, which displays the information in clearly marked articles. The articles allow them to include an image associated with the subject matter and this allows for a break in the copy, as well as helping to maintain a good balance between text and images.

With any email campaign it’s important to remember why you’re sending the email and what action you want your readers to take. HealthCare International have carefully and clearly placed all calls to action in a consistent manner, both in the main body of the email and in the side articles. This link placement has helped to drive traffic to their website; the campaign analysis shows great open and click through rates. Having a prominent unsubscribe button can prevent people from hitting the spam button, so it’s good to see this link placed at the top of the campaign. Making it easy for people to unsubscribe means you’re sending to people who do want to hear from you, allowing for focused and engaging online marketing campaigns.

My recommendation to the HealthCare International team would be to include some first name personalisation. The added personal touch may help to boost open rates even further. Overall though, I’m a fan of this email. It’s neat, structured, and informative.

Need a place to start with your email creation? Have a look at our free email marketing templates to help you get going. If you’ve designed an email campaign you’re particularly proud of, get in touch and your email could feature in this blog series.