Good email design – spotlight on BeWILDerwood

2 minute read

Fed up of seeing the same old thing in your inbox? Well the aim of our new series of ‘Good email design’ blogs is to prove once and for all that emails don’t have to be dull. Over the coming months I’ll be showcasing some brilliantly designed campaigns, all by businesses using the e-marketing platform.

For the first of these spotlights, this recent e-marketing campaign by BeWILDerwood really caught my eye as being a great, yet unconventional example of email design.

BeWILDerwood is a family oriented, adventure park based in Norfolk. It is said to be a mystical land of magical treehouses and intriguing characters, the idea of which is conjured up very effectively by their unique email campaigns.

The illustrative style of this design is eyecatching and gives the email a particularly friendly feel. The quirky, colourful buttons at the bottom are both clear and attractive, encouraging readers to click through to the BeWILDerwood site. Overall, the thing that I find most striking about this campaign is the amount of personality communicated through the design. This is in no small part due to the language used and also the crocodile character, who is nothing but charming.

With a bit of luck you’re now feeling suitably inspired and ready to rush off and design your own email masterpiece! However before you do there are some things you should know about designing for email. Check out our top email design tips to help keep you on the right path.

Got a campaign you’re particularly proud of? If you’d like to have it considered for the Good email design blog then let us know!