Good email design – English Cheesecake Company

3 minute read

I’m always on the look out for good email design, emails that really catch my eye and stand out from the crowd. Most recently I came across a brand new email design from the English Cheesecake Company team.

English Cheesecake Company are, well, an online company that sell cheesecakes. A fairly young company, they strive to create ‘the most delicious treats on God’s green earth’. From wedding cakes to mini cheesecakes they have almost 160 luxurious products to choose from. I’ve been lucky enough to try a couple of their products and they are delicious! I’m hungry just thinking about them.

What do I love the most about their email marketing campaigns? I’ve got to go for those ‘fun’ finishing touches. There’s the icon of a delivery truck, the ‘share this email’ cake stand imagery, cute framing around their images and dashed lines to frame the top navigation. They’re only small, but they’re part of the overall branding of the company and add the informal and fun-factor to their design. All emails should have a good balance of text and images, but they’ve added a unique touch to this by framing those images – all demonstrating careful construction of the email.


As well as the small added touches, I’ve got to say I’m a big fan of the black background. This colour choice feels quite unusual these days (blue is the colour, after all) but this helps it stand out from the crowd – it’s not an email I’ll forget anytime soon. To balance out the dark background they’ve opted for a bright colour palette, which adds a funky contrast.

Finally, moving away from the imagery, the balance and placement of copy allows for an easy and quick read – perfect for those busy subscribers with a limited amount of time! The calls to action are clear, either through banners or copy, and they’ve opted to add some first name personalisation. They’ve also been clear with their social links – as essential as anything else within a design these days.

What do you think? Are you a fan of this email? If you’ve designed a campaign you’re particularly proud of, get in touch and your work could feature in this blog series. If you need some email inspiration, have a look at our free email marketing templates; they’re sure to help get you started.