Free mobile responsive email marketing templates have arrived!

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We’ve all received an email on our mobile and opened it only to find that the copy is far too small and unreadable. What begins is the intricate and precise dance of pinching and sliding; even Mr Skywalker himself would have issues trying to target a link without clumsily skipping over it with his thumb. It frustrates us, yet we persevere because it was a restriction of the technology. But my friends, salvation is at hand.

Litmus cited that in September 2013 47% of all opens occurred on a mobile device and as more and more mobile handsets and tables dominate the market this figure is set to rise.

As the viewing habits of email changes, as too should the technology behind them; we now enter the dawn of ‘the responsive email’. No more swooshing about the screen – instead clear, legible content which takes the form of a single column regardless of its desktop counterpart’s structure.

The key is optimisation; if your main email newsletter has three columns, some nifty added background code will intuitively tell a smaller screened device to rearrange the structure and deliver the same content in a much more user-friendly manner to our mobile users. Think of it as two different versions of one email without altering the content. Pretty neat, huh? Of course the benefits to this are numerous; not only will it entice recipients to read the email on the go but you can also make any call to action a lot more prominent on their mobile screen.

Here at we have embraced and refined this technology to give your recipients not only great looking email campaigns but also a great user experience with them. We’ve put together a free selection of great mobile responsive templates and added them to your account for you to try out today, so what are you waiting for?

Vive la mobile revolution!