Writing great email newsletters

2 minute read

We’re often asked about how to create great email content. There are many different types of email campaign you can run and different rules apply to different types, but here I’m going to talk specifically about email newsletters – regular communications to keep you in touch with your customers.

Well, here’s the secret – creating great email newsletters is really all about one thing – your readers. Sounds simple, but a lot of people miss the point.

If you’re going to consume someone’s valuable time by getting them to read your email, then there needs to be something in it for them – or they won’t bother doing it again. A great newsletter engages your audience and provides them with information that’s relevant, interesting and useful to them.

It’s the *them* that’s the crucial thing here. You might have loads going on that you want to tell everyone about but you need to place this in the context of your readers – is it relevant to them, will it interest them, educate them, amuse them, provoke them into action, or just bore them silly? Here’s a tip – you want to avoid the latter at all costs!

We know that our readers tend to be the uber-busy, million-things-to-do-before-breakfast kind, so we’ll take our own advice and put the rest of our tips in quick to skim bullet-point form.

Top tips for great email newsletters:

  • It’s all about value for your readers – put yourself in their shoes when you write your content
  • Avoid industry specific jargon unless you’re 100% sure your readers will know what you mean
  • Make your content relevant, useful and interesting
  • Give your readers something unique which showcases your expertise and educates them
  • Keep things easy to read. Short sentences, bullet points and well sized text rule
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Keep things low pressure. Newsletters are about relationship building, not hard sales