When should I send my email campaign?

5 minute read

Time of day can actually be pretty important when sending out your email marketing campaigns. Put yourself in the spotlight: when are you likely to open your emails and give them your full attention? Depending on your target audience there can be a number of “people” time zones to think about.

The commuter: A hard working breed often seen with their smart phone in hand. The commuter will have a lot of time on their hands in the morning and evening so sending around these times can maximise open rates. I’ve experienced the hard 2 hour train slog and I would have killed for an iPhone at the time, so believe me, anything that is remotely distracting will become interesting. The best way to get through to your commuter friend is to send a plain text email along with your HTML version just in case their phone won’t render your design.

The jet-setter: One thing we tend to forget is that we don’t have to stay in one location any more to receive our mail. Hurrah! If your subscriber base is international, you need to make sure you get through to their inboxes at a reasonable hour. But what is the right hour? It is useful to bear your international recipients in mind because they not only influence your open rates, they also have the power to spread the word globally. Word of mouth has never been easier! A great way to ensure you are getting your campaign out at the right time is to gain subscriber details such as location. By including the option ‘Country’ on your data capture forms you can target your audience by scheduling your campaigns to send at different times of the day relating to their country. Perfect!

The leisurely lifestyler: This subscriber could be one of your most keen. They have time on their hands and the opportunity to suss your campaign from the inside out and are likely to yield a good click through rate.  In order to maintain their attention it is vital you keep your campaigns innovative each time. Try mixing it up, by moving regular links and images, and ensure you have something new and rewarding each and every time you send.

The social networker: The Facebook addict is likely to check their email often, and the best time of day to send depends very much on your subject matter. The key thing is to hold their attention – you must make sure your design holds their gaze. The modern social networker is also likely to have a lot of friends who are contacted on a regular basis. By including a send to a friend link on your campaign, or using our auto-tweet function, it’s a perfect opportunity to get the word spread.

The ordinary person: The average person is an all rounder with interest in a lot of areas and can be swayed to like more things. Now’s your chance to prove they want to hear from you. Throw in a bit of everything to your campaign to ensure your reader has a good balance of content. Too much text, too little colour and random splodges of links can quickly sway a mind. Keeping your campaigns in equal format will help the recipient decide quicker that they should continue looking. You may only have one shot at getting the message across, as it is likely that this audience will only check their mail on their lunch break or when they get home from work.

In conclusion, the best way to learn about send times is to put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes. Your subscriber is most likely to take a look at your email when they’ve got time to kill online. Analyse your results, keep your content fresh, and remember you need to always provide value in return for your permission to contact.