What are your email subscribers up to?

5 minute read

For any business, monitoring your subscriber activity is an essential part of monitoring trends and making informed future decisions. Below are 5 useful features within your Sign-Up.to account which will allow you to closely examine your subscriber’s activity.

1. What links are your subscribers clicking?
Most emails contain links – normally to your company’s website. Within Sign-Up.to you can track which links have been clicked, how many times and by who. This can help you both assess subscriber trends and target subscribers who have clicked specific links. For example, if you’re trying to promote a specific product you’ll be able to target those subscribers who have shown an interest in the product by clicking the website link.

2. Does anyone share your email with their friends?
Within your email campaign results you can see which subscribers have forwarded your campaign to their friends through the ‘send to a friend’ link. This can be added to your email in the Create section. Although you can’t see who the email has been sent onto, you’ll be able to see which subscribers have forwarded your email and target or reward them at a later day. To encourage subscribers to forward your emails we recommend including a prominent image in your campaign to promote the function. Remember, forwarding is a great way of gaining new subscribers and ultimately, new customers. To learn more about Share, check out our guide explaining the type of results you’ll see.

3. Is your campaign reaching people on Twitter?
Using the Share section of your Sign-Up.to account, you can send your email campaign to Twitter at the same time as emailing your subscribers. Furthermore, Share allows you to assess the reach your campaign had. The ‘reach’ figured is derived from how many Twitter users your campaign reaches. Therefore if a follower retweeted your campaign to their 10 followers, your reach would increase by 10. Social media now has an increasing presence in the business way, so Twitter is a great way of talking to your customers.

4. When do subscribers open your email?
Using the Analysis section of your account you can see how many subscribers opened your email. However, what about finding out when they opened your email? The analysis report “How do people interact with my email” will tell you when people opened, clicked or unsubscribed from your email up to 24 hours after the send time. The great thing about this is that it allows you to assess if you’re sending your email campaign at the best time of the day. For example, if the graph is displaying your open rate peak is five hours after being sent it would suggest the send time should be scheduled to maximise the open rate figure. To learn more about this report, check out our handy how-to guide on this analysis report.

5. Who isn’t receiving your emails?
Finally, while it’s essential to assess those subscribers who receive your email, what about the subscribers who don’t? Is there a reason for this? In the Analysis section, in your email campaign results you’ll be able to see the percentage of emails which bounced. This could be because the email addresses no longer exist or because they’ve been entered incorrectly. On this page you can also assess the number of people who unsubscribe as a result of your email, and work towards keeping the percentage as low as possible. To learn more about bounces, check out our blog post explaining what bounces are.

While each of steps will mean more to some businesses than others, at Sign-Up.to we provide a vast amount of information which will allow you to understand your subscribers. We believe this can help you predict trends and target your subscribers successfully. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below!